How do brand creator programs work?

Welcome to Nano Drops on TikTok! If you're here it's because you're a talented creator who thinks you can make great TikToks for your favourite brands and get paid for the ones they like. Read on while we explain how it all works.

Sign up and connect your TikTok profile to us

You may have just done this, or you may be about to sign up. This is a very quick sign up process to tell us that you're interested in getting involved in a program. You are asked to connect your TikTok profile so we can verify who you are! By connecting we can also look at your most recent posts, and show our brand partners what you're all about as a creator.

We will also ask for a few details - your name, email and mobile number. This means we can get in touch when a relevant brand program launches, and is looking for creators to join. Your mobile number also tells us what country you're in, to make sure you're in the country the brand is looking at. Finally we ask what type of brands you can see yourself making TikToks for. Be realistic! Brands will choose creators by browsing your actual films, so if you just tick every box, you're not increasing your chances of being chosen (probably just getting rejected a lot).

Get notified via WhatsApp when a program launches

Once you've signed up, do nothing! Just keep making TikToks, or have some dinner. Maybe sleep. We work with brands constantly to launch brand programs, and the data we hold on you helps match potential creators to brands. If a brand thinks you might be great - you'll get a WhatsApp inviting you to apply to their program. There's no guarantees you'll be chosen, but it takes one minute to apply. There's also no logins and passwords, we do everything via WhatsApp to make it easy.

What happens when you join a creator program

Creator programs are really simple. Typically when a brand starts a program, they want 2 things - for creators to create TikToks about them (lots of them), and to license the best TikToks (from you) for use in paid media, on their website, on other platforms too. Some pay creators in free products (via vouchers), others pay in generic vouchers (like Amazon) instead. One day we'll do cash rewards, right now we can't do that.

Each program will have (1) a brief, or inspiration for what kind of content they would like you to make. It will be very broad so you can interpret this however you like. (2) There will be a monthly incentive just for taking part. It won't be a big incentive, but perhaps enough to buy product for your content. To receive this each month you'll be required to make at least one TikTok. (3) You will also be told the incentive for any TikToks the brand licenses from you. This is what you'll get for each TikTok the brand buys. There's no limit to how many license rewards you can get, so the more TikToks you make, the more the brand can license from you. Each program will have set incentives - you won't receive more or less dependent on followers or views, everyone gets the same incentives, and great content is rewarded.

Everything happens on WhatsApp

Every update and reminder you receive will be on WhatsApp. When you apply for programs, you'll be told if you're successful (or not) in a message. When a brand licenses one of your TikToks, you'll get a message. Your incentives will be sent via links in messages. You get the idea. This makes it easy for you to join programs without the hassle of logging in to websites, remembering passwords, all that stuff.

If you have any other questions about joining a program as a creator, email Tim and Will on


November 16, 2021
Tim Mitchell
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