Nano influencers

How do I calculate ROI on Nano influencers?

It’s pretty simple.

 Just use the sliders below.

Measuring nano influencers is key.

However you measure your influencer program, it's just important that you do. Nano Drops is designed to save you time, but also to get the optimum return on your nano influencer investment.

To make it easy we've created the tool below to help you visualise what you might expect as a return on investment. This calculator focuses on earned media value as the key KPI, but feel free to get in touch to discuss the specifics of your program in the form below.

Drag the sliders to calculate ROI
  • Number of Nanos
  • Average followers
  • Average engagement rate
  • Gift cost (to brand)
  • Earned media value CPM
    £20 CPM
Estimated results
  • Monthly investment
    £# gifts + £# platform fee
  • Monthly impressions*
  • Earned media value
  • Cost per engagement
  • #x
    Return on investment (ROI)
    *Monthly impressions calculated as follower total. Nano Drops will report actual impressions from Instagram API
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