Influencers to the power of Nano.

Plug-in to fan generated content.

Add the collective reach of your influential fans to your mix.


Nano Finder
identifies nano influencers from your own channels. We can even scan competitor channels to when you want to scale up.


Nano Drops
manages your fan program, from tracking posts to distributing gifts automatically. We also track real reach and impressions on fan generated posts.


Co-create on TikTok (beta soon).
Work with talented TikTokers to fill your feed with content. License the best TikToks with one click for use in paid media.

Start using our Nano Drops platform

and save days in spreadsheets and emails.

Lean back. These features

all included.

Branded application pages
Instagram API metrics
Promo codes for followers
Load 12 months of vouchers
Hashtag tracking
Messenger or WhatsApp messages
Automated reminders
Auto-keep or remove lapsed fans
Monthly voucher distribution

Shopify integration

Automated vouchers, promo codes, and purchase data
Coming soon

Nano Drops is always-on

not a single campaign.

Nano Drops for brands

What sort of brands use Nano Drops?

Typical gifts for smaller creators


Fashion-loving fans show off your monthly collections with a regular voucher for clothes


Sample the latest makeup or skin products and let fans show you how they use it


Avoid the slog of paid ads with regular drops to fans of your latest snack to try and review


Give pet owners vouchers to show off the latest pet products to their pet-owning followers


From coffee to meals, it’s so easy to reward influential subscribers for regular posts

Media partners we work with.

Drag the sliders to calculate ROI
  • Number of Nanos
  • Average followers
  • Average engagement rate
  • Gift cost (to brand)
  • Earned media value CPM
    £20 CPM
Estimated results
  • Monthly investment
    £# gifts + £# platform fee
  • Monthly impressions*
  • Earned media value
  • Cost per engagement
  • #x
    Return on investment (ROI)
    *Monthly impressions calculated as follower total. Nano Drops will report actual impressions from Instagram API
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“Running our fan community is so streamlined and efficient. I can’t thank you enough!”

Angela Apolito
PR & Social Media Manager, New York & Company

Need more info?

Get in touch with us at
Is there a discount for annual billing?
If you’d like to pay for 12 months of Nano Drops up front we’ll give you a 10% discount, saving you almost £1,200.
Can you also find me influencers?
We’re not an influencer marketplace because we believe you already have hundreds of Nanos who love your brand - they’re your customers. We do keep some influencer details on file to get you started if you need this, for no extra charge.
How many users can use Nano Drops?
We provide a login that you’re free to give out (carefully!) to you team and use it between you.
Is private data shared with third parties or advertisers?
We never share private brand or Nano data with anyone. You have access to your fans details where you need to use this for running your program, such as sending out product or vouchers - but you can’t add Nano data to your regular marketing lists.